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  • Tim Harrison

A mortgage is like a fun puzzle...

What I've learned most about mortgages since becoming a broker is that there are a lot of products to choose from. It's a fun process to strategize around what will work for a client and show options that are within what they are comfortable with and to surprise them with the possibilities when they see how much opportunity for wealth they have.

I'm here for the client

First and foremost, I have a genuine interest in sharing with people how they can turn a mortgage, what most people see as a burden, into an opportunity. Once people can see the "art of the possible" based on the real numbers they are bringing in and the possibilities they may be unaware of, it gets pretty exciting. I want people to have their first home as something they can afford, in such a way that they could grow into larger, or diversify into multiple properties easily.

Let's chat.

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