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  • Tim Harrison

Stress Less

Getting a mortgage is often seen as a stressful process - this is often due to insufficient information or a rocky understanding of the process. This is totally okay, it's what mortgage brokers are here for!

Have Clear Goals

Really understand why you want to purchase a property and list all the reasons you consider it to be a move you are ready for. The more clearly you can express your situation and your goals, the better the chances to getting the best mortgage for your lifestyle. Are you buying a home because you're tired of renting? Because you feel "it's time" and all your friends are buying? Because you want to leverage the money you've been saving and build equity for future plans?

Ask Questions

Whenever you are unclear or unsure, ASK. Information is a tool to help us make the best decision for your goals. With a professional mortgage broker, you are not expected to know everything ahead of time and you can ask any and every question that helps you feel informed and empowered. It also helps to have a clear idea of where your money is currently going - do you value travel? leisure? fine dining?

Have Fun

With a clear picture of your goals and a financial plan based around a mortgage structure that will work within your means, you can then look for the perfect property that will fit your current lifestyle and become the tool to leverage your wealth.

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